Staff Recruitment


Recruitment and placement workforce

Working with our company is based on a collaboration contract between H & M Impact Recruiting and partner (client) that provides services for selection and recruitment.

Partner undertakes full compliance data and conditions required for vacancies offered. In accordance with the national labor legislation and what the state where there is job vacancies.

Recruitment, selection and placement consists of:
1. Identification of job vacancies;
2. Develop job description and conditions of employment according with Romanian legislation and the 3.State where vacant jobs;
4. Define the candidate profile;
5. The analysis of CVs of the candidates;
6. Conducting interviews and testing;
7. The recommendation of candidates;
8. Organizing interviews with the employer if he wants an interview with previously employment decision;
9. Supporting the customer in file preparation work;
10. Information about the working conditions and social from the state where shall work;
Maintaining regular contact, then employment with the employer but also those employed;
11. Support following a undergoing specialized training or learning of a foreign language.

Our charges and commissions apply only to employers or other partners, people looking for a job have no tax payment to H & M Recruiting Impact.

Selection and recruitment criteria shall be established in collaboration with the beneficiaries and targets a candidate profile according to the needs of the employer.

The recruitment process shall be established depending on the needs of the employer.
Recruitment begins when signing service contract and ends when placing the candidates. Recruitment is based on an strong job offer.
Working with clients is based on mutual trust and privacy.